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Price Sheets

NOTE: Not all grades have published list price sheets.
For a complete list of all grades available: Click Here for Material Grades

A105, Carbon, ThreadedA105, Carbon, ThreadedA105, Carbon, Threaded
A105, Carbon, SocketweldA105, Carbon, SocketweldA105, Carbon, Socketweld
A105, Carbon, 9000# SocketweldA105, Carbon, 9000# Socketweld
A105, Carbon, OutletsA105, Carbon, OutletsA105, Carbon, Outlets
A105, Carbon, EOL, LOL, NOLA105, Carbon, EOL, LOL, NOLA105, Carbon, EOL, LOL, NOL
304L, Stainless Steel, Threaded304L, Stainless Steel, Threaded
304L, Stainless Steel, Socketweld304L, Stainless Steel, Socketweld
304L, Stainless Steel, Nipples304L, Stainless Steel, Nipples
316L, Stainless Steel, Threaded316L, Stainless Steel, Threaded
316L, Stainless Steel, Socketweld316L, Stainless Steel, Socketweld
316L, Stainless Steel, Nipples316L, Stainless Steel, Nipples
Alloy 20, ThreadedAlloy 20, Threaded
Alloy 20, SocketweldAlloy 20, Socketweld
F5, ThreadedF5, Threaded
F5, SocketweldF5, Socketweld
F9, ThreadedF9, Threaded
F9, SocketweldF9, Socketweld
F11, ThreadedF11, Threaded
F11, SocketweldF11, Socketweld
F22, ThreadedF22, Threaded
F22, SocketweldF22, Socketweld

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