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Penn Machine in Philadephia, PA

Pennsylvania Machine Works, LLC was founded in Philadelphia in 1931 by Charles William Lafferty as a family-owned and operated machine shop, specializing in machine repair and plant maintenance. Early growth was slow and difficult for the company due to economic depression and a world war. The advent of peace in 1945 brought about the rapid expansion of American industry and Pennsylvania Machine Works was there to serve this market. Drawing upon years of experience in completing difficult machine repair under adverse conditions and emergency time constraints, Penn Machine began manufacturing specialty-piping products on a short lead-time basis.

Industry response to the high quality, competitively priced products fueled a steady growth and an expansion of product lines that continues to this day. The construction of the US Drop Forge division of Pennsylvania Machine Works (located in New Jersey) in 1968 enhanced the cycle of our manufacturing process and established Pennsylvania Machine Works in a leadership role within our industry. Because of plans for the development of a new school at our Philadelphia location, Pennsylvania Machine Works relocated to the present Aston location in 1972.

"Penn Machine" customers were looking for a full line supplier. The acquisition of the Texas PMW plant in 1992 further added to the company’s ability to be a full line supplier and better meet the needs of their customers in the Gulf Coast states. The Texas acquisition combined two existing manufacturers into a single entity that manufactures and inventories a wide variety of carbon, stainless and alloy fittings. Thus, "Penn Machine’s" goal to become a full line supplier and meet all of their customers needs was enhanced.