Non-shock Temperature Service Charts


NOTE: Pressure-temperature ratings in the following charts are reported from ASME B16.11 - 1966 and are for historical reference only. As per latest revision of ASME B16.11, pipe fittings are rated based on the schedule number (wall thickness) of appropriate size seamless pipe of equivalent material. Following is the correlation between fitting's class and schedule number of the pipe for calculation of pressure rating:

Class of FittingType of FittingPipe used for Rating Basis
Schedule No.Wall Designation
3000Socket Weld80XS
6000Socket Weld160---
9000Socket Weld---XXS
A105 (Carbon Steel)F304 (18-8)
F5 (5 Cr)F304L (18-8 LC)
F9 (9 Cr)F316 (18-8 Mo)
F11 (1-1/4 Cr)F316L (18-8 Mo-LC)
F22 (2-1/4 Cr)F321 (18-8 Ti)
 F347 (18-8 Cb)